Since our humble beginnings, making food for friends and family, to the growth of our catering business, and the opening and evolution of our community cafe, we are proud of our history here in Bothell. Scroll down to see some of the key milestones in our company’s history.


First Catering Job

Leigh Henderson caters on set for the Corey Feldman film, "Edge of Honor"


Building First Catering Kitchen

Leigh builds the company's first catering kitchen in the backyard of the family home


Alexa Shares The Love

Four year old Alexa's inherits her mother's passion for feeding the community


Building A Restaurant

Alexa's Cafe comes to Bothell's Main Street, taking over the former "Meredith's Five and Dime"


Alexa’s Cafe Grand Opening

"Alexa's on Main" opens its doors in downtown Bothell, welcoming the community to gather and connect


20th Anniversary

Alexa's Cafe & Catering celebrates 20 years in business


Restaurant Remodeled

The Cafe gets a renovated facelift with new floors, lighting, and more. Join us!