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September 3, 2015 by Alexa

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Alexa’s Catering….where do we go??? I guess the farthest East I have been is  in Baring…catered a beautiful summer wedding on the Skykomish River…grilling salmon..the farthest South I have gone…Tacoma…catered an ethnic wedding..first time I had experienced “jumping over the broom” at a wedding ceremony!…the farthest West I have gone…Whidbey Island…too many weddings there to single out, BUT I can tell you I have it down now how long we have to plan to sit in the Ferry line!…the farthest North I have gone….I believe it was Bow … a beautiful home wedding…first time I saw Pink and Blue porta potties! There was a fantastic tent with lots of lights and dancing under the stars…

Basically we go where ever someone plans a party, needs amazing food, and lots of help! We love what we do, and appreciate the big hug at the end of the night to show appreciation!

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