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June 30, 2015 by Alexa

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When I was a little girl…..I wanted to be a singer, just like my Mom! So I walked around town singing to myself, learned all the words to every Musical(movies) from the 60’s as well as anything Joni Mitchell wrote. I thought that was my direction…but alas when I was 12 years old and living in San Fransisco, I was asked to go across the bay to Bolinas CA and help with a major oil spill cleanup. True to my nature I said “put me where you need me most”…so in the kitchen I went to flip French Toast for the volunteers! So I learned how not to burn French Toast for 100’s of people…it was then that I started my love of feeding people…

I have been in the food industry for many years, whether it was bartending in Texas, working at the Silver Spoon in Duvall or managing at  The Pacific Dessert Company in Seattle, I have done every job in the restaurant industry…even selling honey to stores, and managing bakeries at QFC!

My first solo catering  event was in the woods of Sultan while filming a movie (Edge of Honor). Alexa was 8 months old and I brought her on set with me, where ever it was. We fed the crew of 75 people, 6 days a week and I shopped on the 7th! 6 weeks of that and the movie was complete!RestaurantPics0038

After that, the family moved to Bothell and continued to cater there. In 1995 I renovated Merediths Five & Dime to become Alexa’s Cafe. September 9th, 1995 was our grand opening!RestaurantPics0003 RestaurantPics0005

Since then I have immersed myself in to the Bothell Community. The Cafe has truly become a Community Cafe. Helping to start the Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce, YMCA Events, Wine Walks, Downtown Merchant Meetings, Political Rallys, Bothell Football breakfasts, we have had an amazing time..

We appreciate all of the love and support Bothell has showed us throughout the years..


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