Business Lunches

The first break of the day…granola and muffins hold one over to this moment…..LUNCH……Alexa’s Catering is famous for not only it’s Tomato Basil Soup..but…it’s fresh bread too..The thick slices will wow your guests,clients and customers. They will be amazed at the size of the sandwich..from the roasted turkey or the meatiest of all the bacon on the BLT. If you choose from the Hot Menu…you will be pleasantly surprised to find a variety to please everyone…. you got to try the Tomato Basil Soup! oh and did I mention our Seattle Brownie Co, treats? try will be hooked. Please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice on deliveries…10 to 1000’s..we are here to serve YOU.

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We are a full service catering company, what that means is you give us the room and we do the rest. We arrive (depending on the size of the guest list) 1-2 hours earlier than the event. We setup all the tables and chairs, food, bar, dessert table and anything else you may need.

We bring in a staff of the nicest, hardworking people you could want

We rent everything you need from either AA Rentals or ABC/Cort Rentals

If you want it more casual…we can supply the paper goods…and compostable too if you like

Our rates on staff are:

Lead: $34 an hour…this is the person that really knows what they are doing in a room. They oversee the staff, setup and your personal happiness

Server: $25. per hour…they are there for your guests…they make the party appear seamless

Bartender: $25. Yes you want to have them! I mean what’s a party without a little libation? Our bartenders can simply pour beer and wine or craft a fine cocktail

Speaking of the bar…yes we can provide the whole thing! We have all the licenses from the State, Insurance and Permits to put on any type bar you want…oh and also we have a license to SELL bottles…what that means is we can put on a wine tasting in your business, private home or wherever your heart desires….

As always, our menus are flexible!
Thank you!

Our companies are doing our part to save the planet by incorporating a number of energy-saving, waste-recycling, and resource-conserving measures.

Thank you again and again for guiding me through the catering process, for your flexibility and accommodation of our last minute changes in the boxed-lunch count, and for making the experience so positive. It was a pleasure working with you.
I look forward to eating at Alexa's Café and using your catering services in the future.