Our Story

In 1995, Leigh opened Alexa’s Cafe on Main St in Bothell, a wonderful breakfast and lunch gathering place, that offers the community awesome food and service. Leigh is always adding to the menu some new and hip, yet standard fare! At the cafe, you will always see a familiar face…someone from work, school, church or your neighborhood.

So come, bring your family and friends, and enjoy a meal in this beautiful and warm environment of tall brick walls, white wainscoting, local art, warm colors and comfortable pine furniture. This treasure was built in 1927.

Whatever you do to train your team of wait staff, PLEASE keep it up!! They are always on top of things and very courteous. Always around to be helpful but never intrusive. Great job to the trainers! Clearly you hire for the traits you are looking for and train the skills. A lot of big companies could learn from you.

- Lance Halley